Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Ghost that didn't laugh

“Ghosts can do things we as living humans are envious of. They are quite popular. Imagine being unpopular and you’re somewhat envious of people enthralled by something that doesn’t even exist. Or does he?

“Ghosts can walk through walls, fly, live forever - or until they resolve the reason they are stuck here. And ghosts can and usually do scare people. That’s a lot of power. A man walks into a building full of people and pulls a gun. Julian can relate to this. And people are terrified, but if the man kills everyone and is himself killed by whatever means; there’s not much to be gained, no ransom money, no notoriety to enjoy later; unless as a ghost he thrives on the media attention that he alone watches without anyone else’s knowledge; hence, no shared media euphoria.

“Perhaps he’s hanging out in someone’s attic, delighting in the excitement of someone going bonkers over his very existence or an act he performed in yesteryear or yesterday. The ghost can sit on a locker with his arms crossed in a lazy attitude and simply delight in watching people being petrified.

However, a ghost can walk into a room and make noises and be entertained by all of the commotion and emotions of a dog barking and people crying or performing a ritual of exorcising to the amusement of the floating entity that few believe in yet they go through the motions while he cleverly unleashes emotions…hysteria, fear, amusement, and at extreme - even death. And the ghost can pretend to be someone else locked in between times. This puff of smoke can amuse himself by lying and leading someone on a wild ghost chase. The floating cloud sometimes with human form can frighten using innuendos such as spiders and bats and ghouls and laughing hysterically…or just enjoy shadow dancing in the corner of a dark attic…pretend to be a skeleton who can disco.

“Trick question.” Two beats. “Are you. Intrigued?” Eyes light up and everyone breathes out loud, including Earnesto. “Earnesto, do you have great faith in the human soul?”
He hated it when the professor pinned him down with such psycho drama in front of the class.

“Yes, I do.”

“Did you watch the drama unfold a year ago at McDonalds when our fellow classmate, Julian, had to prove his innocence, that he was indeed, a hero?”

The class was completely intimidated and somewhat horrified at the crude remark. Julian and Barbara watched fascinated and listened. After what they had been through, this psycho dog and pony show didn’t phase them. Indeed, they were quite fond of Dawson, in spite of himself. After all, he was family. And now they were an item.

Professor Dawson stood silent. Finally, “I’ll help your imagination. Where that ghost is concerned, heaven help the person who is the star of that ghost’s agenda. The ghost loves great aplomb in his revenge.

Instead of laughing as Earnesto figured his classmates to do, you could hear a pin drop. “Earnesto. Pray you never become the star of a ghost’s show when he is trapped. Ever seen what an animal does when he believes he’s cornered?”

This is MY VERY FIRST BLOG EXPERIENCE and The Ghost that 'blah blah blah' is an excerpt from my sequel novel Shadow Play.

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